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Happy clients say it best...

Mr. Harmon provided an invaluable service to us! We hadn't used a travel agency in about 15 years, and weren't sure if it was the best option. He was able to find us a fantastic vacation package at a price we could never have obtained on our own. And, it was tailored perfectly to the amount of relaxation vs. adventure we desired.

- Brad H, Murfreesboro, TN

Very patient with all my questions for our first ever cruise. He provided a lot of great information and suggestions to help fit us with the best cruise match for what we wanted to do. His experience really helped guide us to a great cruise on Disney Dream. He brought a great mix of professionalism and personal interaction that made us very comfortable with the whole process. Great Experience - Will definitely use again.

- Joe J., Eagleville, TN

Gordon Stacy Harmon is a great communicator, day or night. Everything went beautifully with our anniversary trip. We plan on booking future trips with him.

- Steve D., Hendersonville, TN

Stacy was a real pleasure to work with and helped us book the best vacation I think we could have made for a honeymoon. We weren't even considering Mexico until Stacy showed us the amazing resort Unico. His knowledge and description of the place sounded just like what we were looking for and we are both so glad we met with Stacy because otherwise we feel if we went somewhere else we would have really missed out! Can't wait to book our next trip with Stacy! Thank you so much for helping us with such an unforgettable experience. We really loved it!

- James R, Nashville, TN

Every detail was anticipated, addressed and handled with efficiency, consideration and an eye on our travel budget. Captain Getaway rules!

- Lauri O., Las Vegas, NV

Very knowledgeable. Kept us up to date and provided timely information. Went above and beyond with providing reminders and helpful hints about our upcoming vacation. Easy to get ahold of and quick to respond. We were surprised & thrilled to receive a special treat in our cabin on our very first day! Thanks, Stacy, for your terrific assistance!

- Jan R., Naples, FL