I love to travel. I enjoy deciding where to go, planning the trip, and even coming home. To me, travel gives one so many opportunities – to experience new sights, new foods, new places, new people.

In 1999, I applied for my passport and spent a week in Jamaica. As if I didn’t have a serious travel bug before, one week on that island infected me with serious wanderlust. Since then, I’ve traveled to 20 other countries and more than half the states in our great country.

Travel gives us all the opportunity to share experiences. Sitting around a table with friends, conversations often turn to trips. It’s human nature to share stories about the trips we enjoyed as well as those trips that didn’t always work out as planned.

I started a travel business to help others plan their vacations and get as much enjoyment out of traveling as I do. I’ve worked in many industries over my professional carrier from retail to hospitality. In virtually all of the roles, I built relationships. Old-school selling is what I enjoy best. Learning what someone needs, a client’s likes and dislikes, is how a real sales professional succeeds. That’s why I consider myself a travel consultant and not just a travel agent. I work with my clients to find the best fit for them taking budget, needs, and desires all into account.

Aside from travel interests, I’m a fountain pen enthusiast, a classic board game enthusiast, a Certified Hospitality Supervisor, a dog owner, a supporter of public radio, an amateur chef, and one lucky husband and father.

I look forward to the opportunity to become your personal leisure travel professional.  I invite you to poke around, find what you need, and then contact me.

Gordon Stacy Harmon, CHS
Owner and Sole Proprietor