Test Track ride

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Test Track ride

The white-knuckle finale of this fan favorite is as thrilling as ever. Create a custom concept vehicle at an interactive design station, and then buckle up in a six-person SimCar to put the design through its paces in a neon-splashed, futuristic setting that surrounds the attraction's original hills and mountain switchbacks.

The High-Speed Test is last: your vehicle bursts through an opening in the Test Track building to negotiate a steeply banked loop at a speed of nearly 60 mph. At the special effects–laden postshow, you can check out how your custom car performed and create your own car commercial. The speeds and some jarring effects may prove unsettling. The ride isn't suitable for pregnant women or guests wearing back, neck, or leg braces.

For people with disabilities: Visitors in wheelchairs are provided a special area in which to practice transferring into the ride vehicle before actually boarding. One TV monitor in the preshow area is closed-captioned. Service animals aren't permitted on board. If you use a FastPass+, you won't get to customize your vehicle—it will be a predesigned version. A Single Rider queue lets you skip a long wait. The ride won't function on wet tracks, so don't head here after a downpour.


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