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"Bo Tak" Theatre

Teatr Bo Tak Association was founded in 2013 on the initiative of professional actors from Rzeszow. As part of the theatre business, four productions have been made so far: “The Truth” by F. Zeller, directed by Marcin Sławiński, “Mel Gibson’s colleague” by T. Jachimek, directed by Paweł Szumec, “Love and Politics” by P. Sauvil and “Trained Man” by J.von Duffel , both directed by Marcin Sławiński. Over the past four years the theatre has produced about 130 shows, which were watched by over 25,000 viewers in both Rzeszow and around Podkarpackie Province. The performances of the Bo Tak Theatre can be watched all year round in the Concert Hall of the Faculty of Music of UR, addressed primarily to viewers looking for ambitious entertainment.

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