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Taxi Travel

Taxis in Oregon are of limited use, although Portland has several reliable companies. It can be expensive to get around town by cab, however, and you need to call for a taxi, as it’s very difficult to hail them on the street. In Portland the flag-drop rate is $2.50 and then $2.60 per mile. Make sure to ask whether the driver takes credit cards, whether there’s a minimum fare, and whether there are charges for extra passengers. Other charges may include waiting times and airport minimums. Other larger communities in the state have at least one or two taxi companies, but you’ll generally find that a couple of cab rides per day costs about the same as a daily car-rental rate.

Portland Taxi Companies

Broadway Cab. 503/333–3333;

Green Cab and Shuttle. 503/234–1414; 877/853–3577;

New Rose City Cab. 503/282–7707;

Eugene Taxi Companies

Bio Taxi. 541/747–2583;

Eugene Hybrid Taxi. 541/357–8294;


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