Hours of Operation

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Hours of Operation

In Oregon, store hours can vary greatly. Major department stores or shops generally follow the 10-to-6 rule, but you should always phone ahead if you have your heart set on visiting a smaller shop, and quite a few big-box and other chain stores stay open until 9 or even later. Never assume a store is open on Sunday; many smaller shops have truncated Saturday hours, and it’s not uncommon for some stores to open at 11 am, noon, or even 1 pm. Thankfully, coffeehouses tend to keep regular and long hours, usually opening very early (6 or 7 am), so you'll have no problem finding one to kill time in if you have to wait for a store to open. On the flipside, many downtown coffeehouses close by 6 pm (the big chains tend to stay open the latest). In general, cafés and restaurants in Portland tend to close a bit earlier than in many other large cities, such as San Francisco and Seattle.

Bars in Oregon close at 2 am, with last call coming as early as 1:30.


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