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Fast Facts

Packing It's all about the layers here, as the weather can morph from cold and overcast to warm and sunny and back again in the course of a few hours, especially in spring and fall. The climate also varies tremendously within relatively short distances, such as between the coast and the Willamette Valley, or between the mostly dry and sunny eastern half of the state and the cold and frequently snowy Cascade Range.

Safety The most dangerous element of Oregon is the great outdoors. Don't hike alone, and make sure you bring enough water plus basic first-aid items. If you're not an experienced hiker, stick to tourist-friendly spots like the more accessible parts of the designated parks. When driving, take care to use only designated and maintained roads and check road conditions ahead of time when planning to pass through mountainous terrain from fall through spring—many roads over the Coast and Cascades Ranges are closed in winter.

Taxes Oregon has no sales tax—even in restaurants—making it a popular destination for shoppers, although many cities and counties levy a tax on lodging and services. Room taxes, for example, vary from 6% to 10.4%.


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