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Hours, Prices, and Dress

Compared to many other major cities, Portland restaurants aren't open quite as late, and it's unusual to see many diners after 11 pm even on weekends, though there are a handful of restaurants and popular bars that do serve late, albeit often with limited bar menus.

One aspect to Portland's dining scene that many locals and out-of-towners find appealing is how reasonably priced top-notch restaurants are. Particularly welcome in Portland is happy hour, when both inventive cocktails as well as small plates of food can be a good value; you can easily put together a fine early—or in some cases late-night—dinner by grazing from the happy hour menu at a restaurant that also has a bar scene.

In Portland, many diners dress casually for even higher-end establishments—a proclivity that's refreshing to some and annoying to others. In any case, jeans are acceptable almost everywhere.


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