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Hotel Prices

Although rates have risen considerably in Portland in recent years as the city’s popularity has soared, rates even at upscale downtown hotels are usually a notch or two lower than what you’d pay in other West Coast cities, such as Seattle and San Francisco. In summer, when the city is abuzz with festivals and festival goers, it can be difficult to find a room downtown for under $300 nightly. Most of the time, however, even the more luxurious hotels will run you under $250 per night, and there are a lot of options around $175 or less. Outside downtown, but still within city limits, it is much easier to find rooms in midrange chains and B&Bs for a little over $100 nightly, and at a handful of reliable budget properties around town (we’ve included several in this chapter), for under $100 nightly.

If you don’t mind a dull but pleasant suburban location, the surrounding towns of Beaverton, Lake Oswego, Gresham, and Vancouver, Washington abound with chain hotels with rates typically 25% to 50% lower than what you’d pay in Portland, and nearly always with free parking.


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