When to Go

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When to Go

High Season: December to March

Every year, Mumbaikars wait for the one-month period between mid-January and mid-February when the weather turns breezy and clear—a welcome respite from the sweltering heat (or pouring rain) that otherwise swamps the city. If you hit that sweet spot, you're golden—and you'll have also just missed NRI season, when the Non-Resident Indian relatives of locals visit from abroad during Christmas vacation (and prices explode). Because most tourists arrive in Mumbai in winter, it's important to make hotel and transportation arrangements ahead of time.

Low Season: April to mid-September

Mumbai’s first summer starts at the tail end of March, increasing in heat and humidity until the monsoon breaks the cycle to cool things off, usually in mid-May; the rainy season lasts until mid-September, when another hot season comes around. None of these times are particularly pleasant—it’s ungodly hot, then raining buckets, and then ungodly hot again. But those willing to test their mettle will find two joyous surprises: low hotel prices, and a monsoon that is not nearly as bad as you’d imagined (though hardly a walk in the park).

Shoulder Season: mid-September to November

The Hindu festival season, when there seems to be (and often is) a religious holiday every other day, begins in August, but really starts rolling in September, attracting both domestic and international tourists. It will be hot and loud, but the Ganpati festival—during which Hindus transport massive, colorful idols of the elephant-headed god, Ganesh, to the sea—and other such festivities may just make it worth the sweat.


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