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Taxi Travel

Taxi rates are based on location and time. Monday to Saturday, daytime rates (10 am–5 pm) within Paris are €1.05 per km (½ mile); nighttime rates (5 pm–10 am) are €1.27 per km. On Sunday, you’ll pay €1.56 per km from midnight to 7 am and €1.27 from 7 am to midnight within Paris. Rates to suburban zones and airports are usually a flat €1.56 per km. There's a basic hire charge of €2.60 for all rides, and a €1 supplement per piece of luggage (stroller, skis, etc.). Waiting time is charged at €32 to €38 per hour. The easiest way to get a taxi is to ask your hotel or a restaurant to call one for you, or go to the nearest taxi stand (you can find one every couple of blocks)—they're marked by a square, dark-blue sign with a white "T" in the middle. People waiting for cabs often form a line, but will jump at any available taxi; be firm and don't let people cut in front of you. A taxi is available when the entire sign is lighted green and taken when it’s lighted red. They'll accept a fourth passenger for an average supplement of €3. It's customary to tip the driver up to 5% .

Taxi Companies

Alpha Taxis. 01–45–85–85–85;

Taxis Bleus. 3609;

Taxis G7. 01–41–27–66–99; 3607;


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