When to Go

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When to Go

High Season: Mid-November–March

The most popular time to visit is during peak festive season, when cool temperatures (near-freezing at times) get people out of their homes, wrapped in shawls on the street, huddled around charcoal braziers at lawn parties, clutching hot kebab rolls in their hands. This is also peak cultural season; calendars are packed with music, dance, theater, and more. It does get cold though, and Delhi is especially foggy around New Year’s, so try not to schedule any night-driving around then. Delhi’s February sun has its own charming character, and seasonal trees turn the city into a riot of colors in the late winter.

Low Season: May to mid–August

The heat is intense from April until the monsoons arrive in July, after which rain and intense humidity add to the misery. Air-conditioning is a staple, and there's plenty to do indoors, from museums to malls, so don't let the outside stickiness deter you. Unfortunately, the rains shut the city down because of improper drainage, and the already intense traffic takes a turn for the worse, with people stuck on roads for hours on end.

Shoulder Season: September and October and March and April

Autumn and early spring bring mild, sunny days and the tourist crowds are thinner than in winter. Temperatures are comfortable, though a light sweater may come in handy in the evenings closer to the cold months.


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