8 of the World’s Most Decadent Pizzas

  • 8 of the World’s Most Decadent Pizzas

    That’s (more) a’more!

    Some pizza makers approach their recipes with something akin to minimalism. A classic Neapolitan pizza, for example, is topped with tomatoes, mozzarella, and maybe a little fresh basil. Others have clearly gazed upon an empty plane of pizza dough and recognized it as a blank canvas. A medium through which the most unbridled of culinary desires may be unleashed. Here are some of the most decadent pizzas the world has to offer.

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  • Korean BBQ

    WHERE: Young Joni

    Have you ever found yourself torn between whether you want to indulge in pizza or Korean barbecue on a Friday night? At Young Joni, James Beard award-winning chef Anna Kim’s Minneapolis restaurant, you simply do not have to choose. Their Korean BBQ pizza comes topped with Korean short ribs, mozzarella, scallions, arugula, and sesame soy chili vinaigrette.

    Courtesy of Young Joni

  • Chicken ‘N Waffles

    WHERE: Dimo’s

    Speaking of not being able to choose between two comfort food go-tos, enter the Chicken ‘N Waffles pizza from Dimo’s in Chicago (locations in Wrigleyville and Wicker Park). Chicken and waffles already makes for a great sweet-and-savory dish, so it stands to reason that this pizza (made with a white sauce base and topped with fried chicken, mini waffle bites, and honey) would make for a deliciously decadent indulgence.

    Tara Kline

  • Crab Pie

    WHERE: Matthew’s Pizza

    Adding seafood to a pizza is a quick way to up the decadence factor. So if you’re looking for a pizza experience that brings crab into the mix, you’d be remiss if you didn’t try the Crab Pie at Matthew’s Pizza in Baltimore. The Crab Pie is made with 100% blackfin crab meat, mozzarella, reggianito cheese, caramelized onions, and (naturally!) Old Bay seasoning.

    Jesse Cox

  • Wagyu Beef and Mushrooms Calzone

    WHERE: Third Avenue

    While some dishes get their indulgent flavor from the brazen or abundant choice in toppings, sometimes that feeling of indulgence comes from simply the quality of those ingredients. This philosophy is embodied in the Wagyu beef and mushrooms calzone from Third Avenue in Dubai. (And while the question of whether or not a calzone counts as a pizza may never be satisfactorily resolved, it is certainly, at the very least, a very close cousin.)

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  • Crab Rangoon Pizza

    WHERE: Fong’s

    So many great ideas stem from the premise of “what if we took [food item of your choice] but we turned it into a pizza?” Perhaps nowhere has this strategy proven more effective than the Crab Rangoon Pizza. This pizza from Fong’s (which has multiple locations in Ankney, Cedar Rapids, and Des Moines) is made with a crab Rangoon base, surimi, mozzarella, and then topped with crispy wontons and sweet chili sauce.

    Maharry Photography

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