O Calhau

Funchal, Madeira

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O Calhau

Locally sourced ingredients combined with age-old tradition, that's what O Calhou is all about. They honour the Mediterranean culture by creating dishes such as bruschetta, eggplant stuffed with tomatoes, and a variety of pasta dishes. You can find the cafe next to the Cathedral of Funchal.


Portugal is known for its delicious sweet pastries and cakes. One of the most famous ones is the pastel de nata, a tart filled with creamy egg custard. But you won't only find a pastelaria full of pasteis de nata, they have much more to offer such as pastel de côco, and tarte de amêndoa. For those among us who don't speak Portuguese, these pastries are a coconut and almond tarts. Get yourself a cup of coffee or tea and you will have the perfect lunch. Be prepared to return home having packed on a couple of extra pounds.