Thomas Taverna (Rhodes)


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Thomas Taverna (Rhodes)

Thomas Taverna stands as a beloved local gem that has mastered the art of Greek hospitality. For years, the restaurant has been serving up a delectable range of dishes — from fresh fish to succulent steaks — all using only the freshest of ingredients. The inviting atmosphere is only heightened by the personal touch of the owner, Thomas, who often doubles as your host for the evening. Whether you're there for a leisurely lunch or an evening meal, customer reviews promise a dining experience that's both delicious and delightfully down-to-earth.


Rhodes offers restaurants for every taste, as from traditional Greek Taverns to international menus with fish, pizzas and pastas, you can almost find everything. For some typical experience, go ahead and try the traditional dishes "Koulouria" or "matsi", which you may find mostly in the village taverns. Alternatively, try some handmade pasta cooked in goat stock, browned in fresh butter and sprinkled with Parmesan.