Restaurant Wonder (Rhodes)


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Restaurant Wonder (Rhodes)

Tucked away in the new town, Wonder offers a culinary treasure worth seeking out. Opened in 2011, it has earned rave reviews, notably in the Alpha Guide, and for good reason. The menu is a fusion masterpiece, blending Mediterranean, Baltic Sea and Asian influences into delectable dishes. The ambience matches the food in elegance, providing an ideal setting for special occasions. Though it may be a bit of a trek from central locations, customers insist the journey — much like the slightly higher price tag — is fully justified by the gastronomic experience.


Rhodes offers restaurants for every taste, as from traditional Greek Taverns to international menus with fish, pizzas and pastas, you can almost find everything. For some typical experience, go ahead and try the traditional dishes "Koulouria" or "matsi", which you may find mostly in the village taverns. Alternatively, try some handmade pasta cooked in goat stock, browned in fresh butter and sprinkled with Parmesan.