The Cake Box (Ialisos)


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The Cake Box (Ialisos)

A bit removed from Rhodes Town but still gracing the coastline, The Cake Box is a delight for anyone with a sweet tooth. Though the spotlight often falls on its sumptuous cheesecakes, the cafe serves up an enticing selection of ice creams and seasonal sweets tailored to various festivities. Whether you're diving into a mammoth chocolate croissant or savouring a parmesan wrap, you're in for a culinary experience that's worth every euro.


Scattered across Rhodes Island but especially concentrated in Rhodes Town, you'll find an array of cosy and friendly cafes that are the epitome of Greek hospitality. While all excel in serving a tempting range of fresh juices and refreshments, each cafe has its own unique atmosphere worth exploring. Whether you're in the mood for an aromatic Greek coffee, a revitalising frappé or fruit smoothie, you're assured excellent service and a memorable experience.