ONO by Marouli (Rhodes)


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ONO by Marouli (Rhodes)

Open from morning until well past dusk, ONO effortlessly bridges the gap between a breakfast spot and a late-night haunt. With a vibe that's both casual and upscale, it aims to both tantalise and satisfy, offering an extensive range of drinks and an array of snacks to match. Though its menu was created with vegetarians and vegans in mind, the dishes win over those who don't usually venture into plant-based territory. Expect innovative takes on Greek classics and moreish sharing dishes like their much-raved-about cauliflower.


Scattered across Rhodes Island but especially concentrated in Rhodes Town, you'll find an array of cosy and friendly cafes that are the epitome of Greek hospitality. While all excel in serving a tempting range of fresh juices and refreshments, each cafe has its own unique atmosphere worth exploring. Whether you're in the mood for an aromatic Greek coffee, a revitalising frappé or fruit smoothie, you're assured excellent service and a memorable experience.