Lindos Ice Bar


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Lindos Ice Bar

Introducing a true marvel of modern design to the Greek bar scene, Lindos Ice Bar made its frosty debut in August 2011. It's the country's first establishment sculpted entirely from ice, thanks to the craftsmanship of ice artists flown in from Canada. Maintaining a crisp -6-degree atmosphere, this unique venue offers guests an exhilarating way to sip cocktails. Get a drink and spend 30 minutes away from the scorching heat of Rhodes.

Bars & Nightlife

Rhodes comes alive when the sun sets and the heat of the day wanes, offering a kaleidoscope of nightlife experiences that cater to all tastes. Whether you're drawn to the historic allure of the Old Town's 'bar street', the chic appeal of Ixia's upscale clubs, or the authentic Greek evenings in Ialysos, the island promises unforgettable nocturnal adventures. Miltiadou Street in the Old Town and Orfanidou Street in Niochori stand as the city's main epicentres of nightlife, but don't let that limit you. From beach bars in Faliraki and Lindos that blur the line between day and night to a multitude of venues across the city, Rhodes truly has something for everyone.