Should you find it necessary to cancel this cruise, please contact Ease-Up! Travel Services as soon as possible.  Once a booking is cancelled, it cannot be reinstated.  With the exception of a Plan-to-Go Deposit (if applicable), the schedule listed below is the policy of the supplier for the cruise, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.  Any additional components of your overall trip (ie - flights, hotels, excursions, etc.) may have varying cancellation schedules and/or penalties.
Allure Grp 6188888 CXL penalty schedule


We strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance due to the vendor's very strict cancellation policies. This is to confirm that you are aware of the cancellation penalties as described above on this page and that travel insurance is available for purchase to protect against cancellation penalties due to unforeseen MEDICAL reasons.


It is the traveler's responsibility to determine the correct deposit amount. The deposit will be processed for the minimum amount required to secure the booking unless otherwise indicated by the traveler. 
Credit and/or debit cards are the only forms of payment accepted.  Debit cards may have a daily limit established by your bank.  In this event, your card may be declined necessitating a call to the bank to temporarily remove your limit.
PLEASE NOTE - this form creates a highly encrypted document to keep your credit card information as secure as possible.  Should you have any question or doubt about submitting your personal information through this form, please call and provide your information in person.     

(Use this section to notate if you'd like to add a beverage and/or dining package, add a wifi package, remove the standard insurance, request shore excursion options, etc. )